Sakura Festival doll meet

Attended a 2nd doll meet at Vandusen Garden on Sunday… I unfortunately was half dead most of the time ^^;;;;

Slave driver Taiga made me make her a Yukata the night before to attend this meet :P She was not pleased I didn’t change her clothes on Saturday before I took her out ^^;;;

Ticket sales for the Sakura Festival held at the Vandusen Garden is going to Japan relief fund~! Information here.

Taiga made a buncha friends at the meet LOL was really amused the dolls started gathering lol they attracted random people to take photos of them too ^^; Aoi and Mari belongs to Galamirix ^^/ the 2 little wa-loli resin kids in front belongs to the talented Navci of 2 of Hearts ^o^/

:P hehe Please check out bluestarbaby’s posts ^o^ she also takes many lovely pictures at the meet :)

Mokotan got to go too, but I barely took her out ^^; It was stressful enough to make sure Taiga doesn’t fall too often ^^; The ground’s a bit muddy etc… =_=

Taiga fell backwards around here and dirtied her obi >_<;

Taiga not pleased….

Hopefully we get to come back again when it’s more colourful ^^;

Was probably in strange positions trying to take decent photos with some colour at the background ^^;

My Sassy Taiga <3

So small, so much attitude…

I think either before or after this shot below, she fell forward and dirtied her face ^^; luckily we were not far from a rest room… and she wasn’t hurt except a little dirty :P

Eh, someone shorter than Taiga has appeared?

By around this time, I was moar super tired, and my lower back hurt, so I didn’t take too much more photos…

When I got home, Taiga got a damp cloth wipe down, and her wig, yukata and Obi was washed and now hanging to dry ^^; Hope you enjoyed these photos taken over the super busy weekend XD

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  1. sid
    sid says:

    cool! i tried today by soaking slightly in water and a bit of conditioner, dried lightly with paper towel before hanging it to air dry. good news! the curls are still there

  2. sid
    sid says:

    i should probably clean alna too
    but how do i wash her hair :(
    it’s curly and i’m afraid to wash it and ruin the curls

    • chun
      chun says:

      I think doll’s wig you usually don’t have to wash as often as human’s — unless she fell into mud or got dirty from moss and grass, with Taiga’s I just rinse it in cold water (don’t rub it like you rub humand hair!) after that I hang it to air dry (don’t rub with towel!) But like I said if Alna did not get very dirty, you can wait a bit before washing :)

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