Richmond doll meet – March

Attended a doll meet in Richmond! ^o^

For the full set of photos you can check out flickr, in this post I will just highlight a few photos :)

Also you can check out Galamirix’s experience on his blog entry :D Very pleased to meet his DD girls! I am rather annoyed at myself as most of my photos of his Aoi and Mari are blurry >_<;;;

Checking out a friend’s film camera :D As always I took a lot of photos of Aki chan ^^;;;;; a bit too many probably, but then there were also a lot of blurry shots >_<

This is the sharpest I have of Galamirix’s Mari DD ;_; Sorry Aoi chan! Very pleased to meet another DD owner :3

Regular attendees Lightning Sabre’s little ones :3  Now Yui can sit normally :P

bluestarbaby‘s Unoa :D I have some photos of Hitomi too but… blurry! :P

Some “candymanhandling” happened as usual ^^; (Candyman is one of the regular attendee of doll meet… he like to pose dolls in action which girls normally don’t ^^; )

Navci‘s beautiful MSD babysitting a tiny :D you can check out her fantastic meet pictures on flickr!

I think part of why a lot of photos are blurry is possibly because I slept too late the night before >_< I was literally half awake at the meet ^^; (doh)

After all the activities, rushed to have our nihongo lessons :P

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  1. Ghostly_Substance
    Ghostly_Substance says:

    Awesome shots! Images look better than what I take at cons and of my Renge lol. :PIt looks like you still got some nice images from the meet. Be nice to go to at least one whenever I can go to Vancouver >.< Trying to go soon….

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    If you slept late the night before then I must’ve slept “early” HAHAHAHA! I wonder how my photos turn out… Haven’t seen them yet, especially since I played with the manual setting a lot yesterday ^^;

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hehe yes! Most of the dolly collectors locally are into resin dolls, :D It was refreshing to meet another DD owner :P

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