Richmond Doll Meet 2010

Very pleased to be able to attend a meet kindly hosted by bluestarbaby :D I brought Nyanko and Himitsu, we had a blast!

A grab bag swap was organised, and someone received these nifty eraser foods which is a good size for 1/3 scale dolls :D

Himitsu found some foreign object in her tea (we borrowed the tea cup set for this shot) ^^;

I think I gonna try to find this eraser set next time ^^;

Nyanko ^O^

Nyanko took off her top cos it’s hot in the room (JK) :P someone decided to place the chick between her cleavage ^^; Ultimaknight remarked that maybe the chick’s name is Boota ^^;

Himitsu :3

This is the other boy doll who arrived a bit later :D lol he poses very well :D His outfit is really neat too!

DazeAsh‘s sleeping beauty! Unfortunately my photos of her with her open eye faceplate turned out blurry (argh!)

TheCandyMan’s Suzu dressed as a furry?

Another Suzu

Also TheCandyMan’s Camille :)

Nurie’s most adorable Chie :D

bluestarbaby’s Hitomi :)

Chiseen’s gorgeous Haruki ^o^ bluestarbaby kindly made name tags for all of us – dolls included! It is a really nice touch, I remember better some if not most of everyone’s dolls now I think ^^;

Haruki looks great in glasses ^o^

Me and Chiseen managed to get each other’s grab bag in the swap ^^; so below is a shirt which I no longer have a boy body for XP Haruki looks fabulous in it! :3

He looks great in everything! ^^;

Even when cross dressed ^^;

Nyo~ron ^^;

There was a little garden set up where the meet was held, so at some point in time everyone moved out for photos :3 I really like this shot I took of Chiseen’s Haruki sitting on a tree, posed by TheCandyMan :3

I realised I took a lot of photos of Haruki ^^; Maybe he had enough… ^^;

Funky group shots :

My favourite group shot :D Harem shot? ^^; Haruki looks overwhelmed lol!

This guy pose so well! o_o Too bad a lot of the photos I took of him were kinda overexposed =_=

Nyanko <3

I was lucky enough to win the photo contest held by bluestarbaby with a photo I took of Mirin with some cherryblossoms :3 Thanks everyone who voted for my photo at the meet! XD

I’ll be posting some shots from that series of Mirin soonish :3 I just didn’t want to post overly repetitive photos of Mirin wearing the same thing lol ^^;

To see more photos by people who attended the meet, you can check out the links below :D

Bluestarbaby’s flickr set
Nurie’s flickr set
flamebyrd’s flickr set
Chiseen’s photobucket album
Kurohitori’s deviantART Gallery

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