Time flies, it’s spring now and summer is coming quick! Time for summery clothes! :3

Taking some product shots for documentation and have to sort some stuff out before listing… I hope to have something ready in time, will post on twitter!
This time round I managed to finalise the pattern for the dress version!  ^o^

Fabric used are either purchased or imported from japan unless otherwise stated. ^^

Back of the peasant blouse has been slightly adjusted compared to the previous version ^^

This delicate cotton with blue floral, the company producing it is not printed on the fabric, so I am unable to tell where it’s from. The print is very sweet tho :)

This floral print on the top Himitsu is wearing is really lovely and I managed to get more during my last visit to the fabric shop :D


Ever since I made the first few rounds of the peasant tops, I was asked by a few people about  a dress version, after putting it on back burner for a while, I managed to pick up the pattern to redraft again and came up with this after a few test sewing :D

What do you think?

On Mirai’s Dynamite body, the back sticks out a bit just above the bum partly due to the doll velcro used to close it at the back.

From the side it feels a bit more obvious I think?

Depending on the angle, the bumpy area is not as obvious?

On the DDII body, Mirin in L-bust

I guess the DDII body has a smaller (or no?) bum, so the back does not stick out as much ^^

Next we have Aki (DDII M-bust)


Feedback welcome! ^^

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42 Responses to Peasant top and dresses

  1. Smithy says:

    Cute! I have one of the earlier peasant tops and it’s terrific.

  2. PrettyCranium says:

    So adorable! I’m going to have to start stalking you on Twitter. It’s nice to see this style of top for M-bust — it seems like DDdy always gets this style.

    • chun says:

      I’m pleased that this design fit all if not most bust sizes XD (I don’t have S bust and the DDII shapely L busts so I can’t say for those) thanks again <3!

  3. Jessica says:

    Gosh, Aki is such a doll (pun intended) ! All of them are so beautiful. You did great on that dress :3

  4. Spark90 says:

    Looks like they’re getting ready for summer XD But I’m curious to see how they’d look in plaid patterns as well….

    • chun says:

      most of the plaid/checker patterns I have are kinda dark colour, so it may be a while before I actually offer them in those ^^; need to test the fabric first ^^;

  5. Yu Chann says:

    Chun Nee-san,

    Helpppp!! Papa fainted lolx. So many Prettiesssssssss!!

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