Time flies, it’s spring now and summer is coming quick! Time for summery clothes! :3

Taking some product shots for documentation and have to sort some stuff out before listing… I hope to have something ready in time, will post on twitter!
This time round I managed to finalise the pattern for the dress version!  ^o^

Fabric used are either purchased or imported from japan unless otherwise stated. ^^

Back of the peasant blouse has been slightly adjusted compared to the previous version ^^

This delicate cotton with blue floral, the company producing it is not printed on the fabric, so I am unable to tell where it’s from. The print is very sweet tho :)

This floral print on the top Himitsu is wearing is really lovely and I managed to get more during my last visit to the fabric shop :D


Ever since I made the first few rounds of the peasant tops, I was asked by a few people about  a dress version, after putting it on back burner for a while, I managed to pick up the pattern to redraft again and came up with this after a few test sewing :D

What do you think?

On Mirai’s Dynamite body, the back sticks out a bit just above the bum partly due to the doll velcro used to close it at the back.

From the side it feels a bit more obvious I think?

Depending on the angle, the bumpy area is not as obvious?

On the DDII body, Mirin in L-bust

I guess the DDII body has a smaller (or no?) bum, so the back does not stick out as much ^^

Next we have Aki (DDII M-bust)


Feedback welcome! ^^

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42 Responses to Peasant top and dresses

  1. oh yeah forgot to mention… comrade me on danny’s website!> <

  2. cute dresses! i’m a seamstress so i sew a lot. palnning on making a kimono for my dollfie (once i purchase her) i have a lot of time and fabric on my hands for sewing.^^

  3. Miette-chan says:

    One piece dresses, I love those, with orange print, my favorite color and this time I’m employed. OK, I’m more than ready for when the listings go up. Some twitter camping is in place.

    • chun says:

      Thank you ^o^ It will be after the long weekend I think ^^; I’m cracking whips with sewing but tonite I’m feeling kinda sick >_<;/

  4. So many flowers! Spring is here :D

  5. OtakuDepot says:

    Oh, I’d love to get a few of those dresses. I was lucky enough to get one of your peasant tops a while ago and my girls love it. They would go crazy for one of those dresses.

    • chun says:

      awww thank you :D! making the dresses require more fabric than the peasant top, so I’ll see how many I can make with what I have ^^; I should look into other fabrics I have as well *rubs chin*

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