Mirin’s summer afternoon

Had a vision of Mirin among the wild daisies, and took some time to take some photos on a sunny summer afternoon :)

Too bad we don’t have a girly hat with a large rim to shield Mirin from the sun… time to make one? ^^;

She’s wearing a top made for DDII normal body, for M-bust, but the material stretches to fit her L-bust ^^

Managed to squeeze her feet into the pair of MSD sandals which happened to be too big for my MSD and Taiga (MDD)’s feet. How ironic ^^; Mirin stood on her own for a little while without a stand ^o^

Quite pleased with how some of the photos turned out, despite a little overexposed due to that the light was a little harsher than I preferred.

But you know, I cannot complain really, at least I don’t have to wear thick layers of clothes just to take some outdoor photos ^^;

Really like how the plants serves as a background for Mirin – mainly wild daisies and weeds.

The weather is quite suitable for the weeds to grow tall very quickly…

Below the photo is taken against a bush of wild daisies :)

Mirin likes to day dream XD

Gotta love the clear blue skies :)

Hope you enjoyed the summer series of dollfie dream photos thus far! :)

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  1. tsubasa
    tsubasa says:

    I have been recently discovered your blog and have solidified my wanting for a Dollfie Dream. Of all your dolls Mirin has the most gentle look and definantly appeals to me. I love when people do out door shoots as they are concurring the elements! Wind, rain, and worst of all sun exposure that ruins photos, of course when you photoshop it turns out all right. My doll never goes outside, she’s resin so I’m worried about her breaking into a million pecies, i had a nightmare about that. Love the pics plus your wonderful outfits (I need to remember to buy one for my upcoming girl)!

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehe Thank you :) I really enjoy outdoor shoots, but I probaly should try to be a bit more daring with posing them XD I try to underexpose a little if the sunlight is harsh ^^ And ah yes, resin is quite a pain to maintain I feel, after I gotten Dollfie Dreams I kinda don’t really look at resin dolls as much anymore, even tho they are very beautiful :)

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