Revised a mini yukata from last year(?!)

This time I made the part such that it can fit M, L and Dynamite busts ^^;

First tried it on Mirai Yukino chan who’s in the Dynamite body ^^/

The Dynamite body has big hips, so I did not try to let Mirai wear the top piece on it’s own… Maybe way too short :P Still need to adjust the bottom ^^;

Realised it can be worn on DDII body by itself as a micro mini Yukata :P

It was a rather nice day today, not too cold! :o Quickly took Aki out for quite snaps :P  Too bad the tree near our place has not bloom yet ^^;

A little windy, kinda make it hard to let the wig stay where I want it to ^^;

Hand reaching out pose inspired by Haku san’s sweet Sora ^o^!

Put the apron (from a different outfit) on :P — inspired by Maridah’s Wa-maid XD

Gosh I love Aki so much!!!

Talented Maridah is selling a DD Yukata on ebay, with a percentage of the proceeds going to help the Japan disaster ^^/

Thanks for looking!

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23 Responses to Mini Yukata

  1. otakusan says:

    Yuki makes such a good model XD

  2. Haku1923 says:

    Whoa….I gotta ask Sora to try that for me one of these days XD
    Zettai-Ryouiki×Yukata FTW!

  3. Yoshimaru says:

    i love it it inspires my artwork^o^!!!
    also yes im lovin the *KunoichiMeido!* style too! ^,..~

  4. Bluestarbaby says:

    Aki is ready for spring!

  5. Smithy says:

    Micro mini yukata with apron? I approve! ^^
    Looks quite lovely and depending on the pattern used within my interest~

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