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About a week ago, I took advantage of a one day free shipping promotion Leeke World was having and bought 2 more wigs, and 2 small hair pieces.

Picture below is a combination of the previous Leeke World wig I bought and the 2 hair pieces ^^

I found out about the hair pieces thru miuofstars on her Sakuno post, had to get a couple for my Aki ^^; I think it will look cute on Himitsu too, I should try it on her sometime.

The other 2 wigs are:
LR-020_E in Golden Rod
LR-030_E in Sandy Brown
LR-S-pieces in Baby Brown

The previous wig was:
W080_E in Baby Brown

So the 2 hair pieces (W080_E in Baby Brown) allows me to fix up Aki’s hair (W080_E in Baby Brown) in variation as long as I have similar coloured wig(s)

I arranged the curly part of the ponytails around the 2 hair pieces, to control the direction and length for a different look :3 Below, I clipped on the hair pieces a bit facing to the back of the head,

Next up, LR-020_E in Golden Rod. I have been looking for a blond or light brown wig for Mirai (Yukino) as her main wig for the longest time, haven’t really found one which we’re satisfied with yet.

I do like the bangs of the style of this wig, but I must mention, due to the DDH03 head being one of the smallest Dollfie Dream around, the wig is a bit loose ^^;, The other wig is way too big for Mirai, even tho it’s the same “E” size.

This wig fits Aki a bit better, not as loose. I think the bangs sits on Aki’s face a lot better too.

Sorry Mirai, you can have this wig for now ^^; (Mirin behind is wearing an old unknown wig which I unfortunately cannot find anymore ^^;)

Lastly, LR-030_E in Sandy Brown, when I saw this wig in person next to Golden Rod, I felt like I should have gotten a shade lighter or darker :P But oh well, it happens ^^; Unfortunately this wig seems to be quite a bit bigger than the other wig, it’s even a bit loose on Aki ^^; and I cannot get it to look decent on Mirai at all ^^;

Since Aki looks so nice in it, I let her wear this for now, the curly pony tails are a bit more troublesome to maintain :P

So final verdict: it’s still a hit and miss, buying wigs online, really hard to find the right style…  But I must say I am impressed by the really quick EMS service, despite it being a free shipping offer. The wigs are packed in zip lock bags with cardboard re-enforcements and wrapped around with a bubble wrap, and mailed in a shipper box.

They included a booklet form catalogue of what they have in their online store, a single mask pack meant for human (I’m not sure if I dare to use it haha)… Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I was happily gonna buy several things I been eying at Leeke since last year because of this event. Alas, for the wigs none of the colors I wanted where in stock same for shoes.

    Does Aki just look good on anything? I’m beginning to think that.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Awww well I waited for a little and some colours I preferred to get was out of stock lol maybe next time XD And Aki looks good on 90% of the stuff ^^;

  2. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Love the LR-020 E model, have a Sandy Brown one on my DD Shizuko (fit for Shizuko was perfect, though I do have a Volks M head cap on too).

    Do think this one looks fine on the DD03 Yukino as well as on Aki. They look lovely with both wigs.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Luckily LR-20E fit Mirai somewhat, I’m just not too sure about the colour, maybe it’ll grow on us :P Sandy brown is a nice colour ^o^ should have gotten it for that wig lol! At least Aki looks nice on the other wig so I’m glad, I just hope the bangs won’t get messed up ^^;;

  3. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Nice styles for the girls, Aki looks great in the last wig sandy brown. Want to see Himitsu in the twintail wig! I think it might really suit her! I like Leek’s wigs and save up to order with them. All mine are leekeworld wigs.
    My experience has been they are a loose fit on HD-03, A good fit on HD-02, and a tight fit on HD-01. Will have to look into these extension pieces!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Himitsu and Taiga taking the back seat again :P I’m a bad DD mama lol But I felt like Aki has a lot to catch up since she’s new ^^; Thanks for your feedback! :D And the extension pieces are not expensive I think~ good to consider to include in your next order ^o^

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