Gordenette Trooper patch

We got a couple Gordenette patches in the mail yesterday ^o^ Thanks Gordon!

If you’re interested in getting one or more for your own collection, now’s your chance ^^;/

So I was commissioned by Gordon to make a design for the patch a while back ^^; Very happy to see it completed as an actual product!

While the Dollfie dream daughters pose with the Gordenette patches, the Mamachapps hung on to the “toys” my husband bought them :P from our last Tokyo trip

Mirai chan has been feeling a bit left out these days so more pix of her this time :P

Vivi looking fierce… kinda :P

Mokotan dunno what to do with this huge sword which is taller than she is ^^;

Mamachapps take their turn to pose with the patches :P

From a recent Ball jointed doll meet we attended, I acquired some 2nd hand wigs intended for my Dollfie Dreams, here’s one of them on Mirai chan :D

Mean lolita haired house guard? Her shorts is a test sewing, need to work on it a bit more, her butt crack is showin :P

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  1. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    Oh ho, I got them too :D.

    Shall do a nice snap shot with them and me musumes.

    M bust is modestly nice enough :D.

  2. Motiko-chan
    Motiko-chan says:

    So cute! x3
    Vivi and Mokotan are dangerously cute! ^w^

    The wig fits Mirai-chan ^^
    (yes it’s very feminine and so is her body ^^;)

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