Feeling festive?

Inspired by ARAEL‘s beautiful and sexy Christmas photos, decided to take some time to make some Christmas themed outfits for pix ^^;

And oh to make the Santa hat yourself in all sizes, here’s a tutorial I made a few years ago ^o^/

A bit rushed, since Christmas is coming up very very soon!

But managed to come up with something, at least before Christmas ^^; hope to make something for Winter before it passes :P

I normally don’t use red or black fabric, but if the girls are not wearing it for months without taking it off, it might work for some pictures… ^^; Aki still borrowing L bust body :P

Hopefully one of these years will have a set of xmasy outfit for all the girls ^^;

Too bad by the time I was done the light is barely there :P The sun was setting quickly and a lot of my photos became blurry ^^;

I wonder why does Airi look so horrified ^^;

…and then she wants to shoot me with this space gun ^^;


I feel bad that Nyanko hadn’t been getting much air time ^^; She was one of the candidate for bring to Japan ^^;

Her omiyage?

Thanks for looking :3 hope to take better pix later if I have time >_<

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