50 cm Obitsu Body

Remember Ellen? Believe it or not, she’s actually not mine :P I was curious about the 50 cm obitsu body, and after some discussion with Lightning Sabre over *cough* the prank *cough*^^; I was able to errr invite his doll over for a stay ^^;

Anyone want to try an caption the picture below? :P

Thanks again Lightning Sabre (at times shortened to LS in this blog post) for allowing Ellen (name subject to change lol) to stay with us and hope she like some of the random pieces of mysterious clothes you commissioned for her :P

So I had to make time to make the pattern from zero as I do not own an Obitsu 50 cm, while I must say she poses very well, I’m still not sure about the body proportions, so I’m not sure if I will actually get one in future… but I would say it was an interesting experience having her in the dolly household.

Ellen has what felt a bit like a slim pear-ish figure? Also, her neck/arms/body are long, her knees are kinda low making her tricky to dress without making her look weird ^^;

LS was screaming like a ____(use your imagination) when I brought Ellen out in a seifuku :P I made the seifuku thinking hmm it may fit Taiga!

Okay the sleeves are too long, but I’m convinced I have to make one for Taiga to keep later on ^^; The waist part is pretty close in size ^o^

If I don’t, tsuntsun Taiga says she gonna kick my ass desu^^;

Below Ellen is actually the test Yukata version 2 initially intended for my DD girls, but I felt I made the sleeves a bit short, so went to Ellen :3 Made an obi/apron to fit her smaller waist, and the head piece was quickly made at the last minute ^^;

Ah Ellen chan, we’re gonna miss you serving tea around here… (:P) The Geta were too small for her feet unfortunately ^^;

Slightly random, since the weather was kinda okay (a bit cloudy and breezy) we had a chance to get some quick outdoor photos!

Himitsu kawaii <3 yes I’m late, I know, sorry ^^;;

Hmmm that familiar Hanami spot… the blossoms are falling tho ^^;

One point in time the petals were flying a bit crazy in the wind, it was awesome but hard to capture on camera >_< Ellen has magnetic feet, so she could stand on her own quite okay ^^

Himitsu had to use a stand which you will see it show up in some of the photos lol

Photographing them together is a bit tricky too, Ellen would look like she’s looking upwards, but Himitsu’s head feels like it’s looking downwards ^^;

Near the end of the shoot, we started picking petals from the ground and trying to see if we can cheat a bit to make the falling petal effect lol

Very hard to capture nuuu

Phew ^^; Finally back home ^^;

Yuki bought us some cakes! LOL Nomnomnom :P

Brought out Mirai as well for a comparison Himitsu and Mirai are on heels so the height may be a bit inaccurate ^^; Ellen is trying a pair of MSD shoes ^^ her denim skirt is Azone :D

Taiga sprouted some Azone bunny ears later on ^^;

Henshin? Masou Shoujou?

Starting to look like one of those Idol photo session nao…

Once again, thanks again Ellen and LS for indulging in my curiosity :) We look forward to see her new adventures in her new life at the LS household! ^o^

ETA: Please note I don’t normally do this, it makes me feel terrible when I kept LS’s doll for a bit without doing much as I had other obligations during her stay o_o; also I am not likely to have resin dolls stay with me as I’m really afraid of them breaking =_=;;/ (have turned away friend’s dolls before ^^;;;;) gomene!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I had totally forgotten I wanted a sailor uniform, it’s been so long since I thought of getting Nanoha anything.

    That aside, so many different clothes in this post I think I liked Himitsu’s one piece the best.

  2. Flamebyrd
    Flamebyrd says:

    Ah, Ellen is a sweetie! And your creations look great on her, too. Hopefully I’ll get to meet her in person soon. :D

    Love that shot of Himitsu!

  3. OtakuDepot
    OtakuDepot says:

    Loved these shots but most of all, that dress Himitsu has on is just too cute. :D She’s just adorable looking in it. Of course, Taiga in bunny ears is pretty fantastic as well.

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