Adventures of Mokotan~ 3

Mokotan’s autumn adventures :D

I was carrying my bag, camera(s), dollfie (even tho it’s mini dollfie dream Taiga) for quite while and my right shoulder has started to feel the soreness ^^; So some times I only bring Mokotan out ^^;/

Mokotan weigh almost next to nothing and is easy to take out and put back into my bag without too much trouble ^^/

Amazing day o_o the temperature was kinda warm for an autumn day ^^; It rained on and off too, and this was a very nice little break of the blue sky ^o^

The clouds rolled in rather quickly tho ^^;

Lunch time!

May I have your order?

Oh! Do you want some chips?

SUPER MOKOTAN has arrived with your food! (lol)

Remember to throw your garbage after eating!

Ah a new friend! She named him Pingu san ^o^

Kawaii ja!

Chu chu (Kissing sound)

Tabemono~ (food) Snack time!

Took her out while on the bus one evening…

Bus terminal station

Nice red bicycle :3

“Health food” for dinner :P

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  1. missvampirecookie
    missvampirecookie says:

    I love her little jumper =) so cute! i would love to do a night shoot but my doll has no shoes at the moment ^^*

    • chun
      chun says:

      They’re mostly similar size, around 23 cm? I know one of my mamachapp (which I rehomed) was a tiny bit shorter tho (around 21 cm) but they are both obitsu body (child series?)

  2. Kodomut
    Kodomut says:

    When I saw the title I thought it was a post about Mokotan falling down when you pose her around!

    I love her sweater, goes so well with the red leaves!

    • chun
      chun says:

      LOL! I think I had her fall sometimes by “breaking” in half on occassions (the join of her waist is not very well designed) The sweater is handmade by a very talented individual online for blythes, but fits moko very well too ^o^! The sweater goes very well with cherryblossoms too! :)

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