It’s been a while since I took Mokotan out ^^; the last time was in July ^^;

Ah!  It seems that Mokotan had taken on a part time job? ^^;

Maid Mokotan at your service! ^o^/ These photos are taken at London Heritage Farm ^o^!

Check out those lovely jam on the shelves ^o^

Anyone have a sweet tooth? Sorry Maid Mokotan not included ^^;

Many kawaii tea sets on display and I believe they’re for sale as well :D

Maid Mokotan is here to help you I think lol

Today’s tea is London Lady Tea, oiishii so!

We ordered a full and a half set ^^ om nom nom, I liked the scones! It was warm, and fuwa fuwa (fluffy) the 3 other goodies were tasty too, and not too sweet, the way we like it :D

London Lady Tea is delicious ^^ it has a fruity flavor and fragrance :D

Mokotan, did you forget your apron? ^^; lol

This London Heritage Farm’s interior is open for viewing as well ^^/

Please check out my husband’s photos of the London Heritage Farm ^^/

11 Responses to Adventures of Mokotan~ 11 – London Heritage Farm

  1. polty says:

    did Mokotan get to eat too ? x3

    she always seems very much into what she’s doing !

  2. Yes, she certainly fits in there with the teahouse. Prim, proper and gracious.

  3. coffeebugg says:

    Mikuru and Sasara would also like to be served tea by Moko chan.

  4. yamada says:

    Huhu~ she’s so cute, its been awhile I haven’t seen her.

  5. kmyk says:

    what were those candies in the jars? were they hard candies like candy canes or like gummy ?

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