VanDusen Botanical Garden Doll Meet 2010

Glad that I was able to join a carpool with Bluestarbaby and 2 friends to go to the meet at VanDusen Botanical Garden!

I brought Himitsu and Mirin with me and the theme of the doll meet was Masquerade + Summer

I almost completely forgot that I should make the mask until the last couple hours before I went to bed the night before ^^; so quickly made a couple with white card stock ^^;

When I got home, completely knackered, I tried to edit some photos, and photoshop crashed my laptop due to having to open too many photos :P I ended up not editing everything — it got a bit too late ^^;

My friend’s cute Blue fairy MSD girl

The nice thing about big doll meets is there’s often sales or trades happening, either it be someone’s closet clean out or wanting to find something or even promoting some hand made items, it’s nice to save on shipping or be able to see something in person before buying ^^

Some really neat props, want! :P I should ask the doll owner where did she get it!

A much nicer mask than the ones I made for my girls :P

Bluestarbaby’s Hitomi had a very cool one going as well :3

The room was rather crowded, but it does not deter some owners from dressing up for the theme! There was a contest going on too :)

Some interesting dolls around at the meet :3

Lost little BJD girl? Don’t blame her, it was rather crowded!

It got really sunny and bright some point in time, and funny enough sone of the better photos I feel are taken under the shade!

Chissen’s Haruki babysitting Candyman’s Suzu ^^;

Reaperofleave’s Ellanie (I think)

Into the sun ^^;

Dangerously perched :P

Should have tried another pose lol but then the girls are in skirt/dress ^^;

Got photobombed by a curious Canadian goose XD Too bad it’s a bit over exposed ^^;

Mirin feeding her feetsies to the fishes :P (Not!) Just before this photo, Himitsu pulled Mirin’s wig off (argh!)

Mirin patiently(?) waiting for me to be done taking photos ^^;

Turned up the exposure :P Like the dreamy look :D

I have to step back quite far to get more of the background… a bit stressful sometimes ^^;

Hitomi at the Bamboo garden XD

One other over exposed picture which turned out pretty nice :3

After walking around for a bit, we were all tired… dolls included :P (LOL that my girl’s heads are kinda funky angle — I was too tired/lazy to fix)

The attendees (most of them) Some may have left by then ^^; I was rather amused by the No Smoking sign at the top :P

Some sweets for the girls :3 for their hard work XD

For non doll related images you can check them out here :D Thanks for looking! ^^

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  1. tsubasa
    tsubasa says:

    Wow nice! Love looking at doll meetups but it appears that Himitsu and Mirin are outnumbered by Super Dollfies and the like! Love the masks, I wouldn’t believe that you made them at the spur of the moment!

    • chun
      chun says:

      haha I hope there will be more interest in Dollfie Dreams in future, but I think the pricing can be a but daunting for people to suddenly make a switch, especially for something quite different from the resin type dolls they know :) The masks is made from paper so it wasn’t super difficult to make, I hope to find time to make a tutorial or something sometime ^^;;

  2. Beth
    Beth says:

    Hi Chun:
    I am the owner of the doll with the fan – my grandmother bought it at a little souvenir / knick knack shop up the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately, she never told me the name of the place (or even which city!)
    I should see if she can grab more next time she is up there :)

    • chun
      chun says:

      hey! thanks for letting me know! That fan’s so exquisite XD It would be awesome if she could get more if she’s there again for sure XD

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