This time Taiga makes a quick trip down town with us ^^;

Before I left the house I realise that Taiga can wear the skirt I made for the bigger dollfie bodies due to the elastic waist band ^^

By some pretty flowers ^^

on some stairs (human size)

On a sculpture

I temporarily removed the sticks I put behind her legs so she can only do sitting poses most of the time ^^;

Makes her look a bit lazy? :P

Being tsuntsun :P

Temporarily put the sticks in so she can stand ^^;

But the main pose I wanted her to make is this one :P


Hope you’re not tired of Taiga ^^;/

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38 Responses to Taiga Aisaka goes out 3

  1. Chinatsu-chan says:

    So cute! I love your Taiga doll ^___^
    I never ever get tired of her ^.^

  2. chibinezumi says:

    gotta love the tsun tsun pics that is the taiga I know! yes the last pose is so anime cute. Her outfit is very sweet, which is perfect since the character is always compared as being doll like!

  3. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Some beautiful pics!
    My favorite one has to be the last though :3

    Great shoot!

  4. Eri says:

    Taiga is precious! Her clothes are so cute, I wish I had an outfit like that! I need to actually get some clothes for my daughter >< Every time she sees the adorable clothes Taiga wears, she gets jealous.

  5. Pinkwing11 says:

    OMG! Kawaii!!!
    [squeals] Taiga is sooo cute!!!
    =^.^= I love love love the las picture! <3

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