Read or Die

Another set of work which took me months to finish ^^;;;;  Thanks again spark90 for being so patient m(_ _)m!! The result I am rather excited about :D I almost squeed when I finished sewing the last button hole last nite ^^;

This outfit is based off Yomiko Readman from the animated OVA of Read or Die.

Thanks to a book which my husband presented me in 2006, I managed to figure out how to make the hidden pockets on the jacket!

Mirai is excited to be the exclusive model of this set (since she’s in the DDdy body haha)

This set includes, blouse, tie, vest, black skirt, jacket(or trench coat) with working side pockets.

The jacket is not meant to close so the “button holes” are decorative only.

I normally do not take commissions, but I actually like Yomiko Readman ^^;;;;;;; So that contributed to one of the reasons why I took it up ^^;;;; I think I only watched 1-2 episodes of it tho, but I really like her character design and special powers! ^o^

Taking advantage of the sunny break…

Yes, the skirt is pleated ^^ Had to make the skirt twice cos I missed that detail ^^;

Mirai is kneeling kinda, in heels lol

Beware, she may give you paper cuts >_<

I think it will be a bit hard to convince her to give up this set of clothing :P

Thanks for looking! :)

PS: To those who are interested, I’m really sorry I cannot take anymore commissions, I should finish what I need to do first ^^;;; I will still post random items for sale on Artfire in between tho, so stay tuned on twitter or here :)

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    SO PRETTY! I like Yomiko too~ keep up the great work and don’t forget to take care of yourself chun :)

  2. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Wow! You really took it to another level, this outfit is amazing! I really love the length of the skirt. Will try that length for my girl. I am now a new owner of a DDII body! After months of saving she will arrive next week. Very excited to sew for her, and create her face-up.

    As usual, can’t wait to see your future projects! ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Wooo congrats! I cannot wait to see your girls on the DDII body :) It feels so satisfying to be able to save and get something you want rite? :D

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