Documenting photos for a listing for Dollfie Dream DDII normal body (M-bust) ^^;

Auction ended, items been packed, shipping latest tomorrow (Sunday)! Thanks for watching/bidding!

Thanks Himitsu for patiently modeling this for me until I completed it :)

Panchira ahead! :P



Thanks for looking, hope you like it :D

Omake progress pix…

Was gonna include arm sleeves, but find that the fabric used is a bit too thick >_<

At this point, the socks do not have the brown ribbons yet ^^;

Should have taken the bracelet off LOL

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28 Responses to Puppy Love Pink & Chocolate set

  1. Ex14 says:

    She looks soo cute >.< your stuff always look so good! stillw aiting to have a DD i can call my own TT_TT

  2. Smithy says:

    That’s a lovely dress set, successfully combines cute with distinguished. Nice work!

  3. lu-k says:

    All this pink… that’s just too sweet… want to eat her =p

  4. Tsun-chan says:

    Looks great Chun.. Don’t know if I will be bidding.. as evilbay is giving me a hard time about logging into my account.. but I really like how cute it is.. too bad no sleeves.. those look like they would be very cute with it.

    • chun says:

      gya boo about evilbay giving you issues >_< The material I used to make the sleeves look too thick so I opt out of this for now ^^; but yeah sleeves are cute huhu

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