Thank you Matthew of Richmond Review for making time to come by to our little doll meet last Saturday!

Article and photos by Matthew Hoekstra from the Richmond Review.

You probably can still get a physical copy today at the Richmond Library, if you’re curious to see it on print, bluestarbaby has already gotten her copy :D And the online version can be read here.

Himitsu, Jade’s Unoa (oops I forgot her name ^^;) and Aki are famous nao… just kidding :P

Matthew happened to come across some previous doll meet photos I had on Flickr, and contacted me about an interview with local doll folks, that’s how this came to happen :)

Ironically the cost of that $ doll which I mentioned in the interview was actually not a dollfie dream ^^;;; (just wanted to clarify lol) I was giving a range of the cost of owning collectable dolls ^^;;;

I showed my mom the article via e-mail, me being usually behind the camera, I don’t have that many photos of myself and a lot of them I look goofy ^^;

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  1. Spark90
    Spark90 says:

    Wow Chun you’re famous! I wish that Hawaii would open up to doll collecting etc…$39 for a machine gun? I wonder if I can start selling my custom DD guns, to pay for my $1000 DD hobby XD

  2. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    That is really awesome! I love journalism. It can be a powerful occupation, and to have sparked some interest and attention is just soo cool to me! :D

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