Pants for the Dynamite body 3

Revisited the pattern for the Dynamite body pants, found some flaws which bugged me, so today I worked on tweaking the pattern again after the previous attempt(s) from a while back.

I’m planning to make a DDdy set for evilbay before I try to accumulate some loose items, sorry to keep everyone waiting ^^;

Nyanko is wearing the near final piece, I have not included pockets and belt loops yet, the back area is slightly better covered and it’s not as overly tight as the previous version – which happens to be the brown one Mirai’s wearing.  The brown pair was so tight, we had trouble buttoning it up and I was wondering if these 2 Dynamite girls gained some weight :P

Oh, their blouses are test pieces, the weather’s getting colder so I wanted to make something with long sleeves :)

Omake: Yesterday afternoon, I got a mail loot XD I was really amused when I saw taitan-no san’s Wind up Alpaca, and had been coveting it for a long time, and one day I finally snapped… :P It was slightly troublesome to get them, I did a BIN from an ebay listing only to find they did not have it at hand (can they actually do this?!).  Luckily they refunded me quickly, I decided to try a proxy service, but even with that I had a little hiccup which caused some delays to have these 2 Alpacas shipped to me lol.

Passing thru…

Lati Yellows can ride on them too ^^

Long time no Vivi ^^; her curls on her twin tails are coming loose so I don’t take her out as much ^^;


One last thing, an update about the shirred dress which I made before, I have not been able to find the exact same elastic threads (with the same elastic strength) so I have to put making that item on hold for now :( Sorry! I wanted to try and make some to list, but the results I got with other brands of elastic threads is quite loose, not the same stretch as the first 2 I tested out ^^;

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  1. Macgeno
    Macgeno says:

    Hello Chun,

    the clothes you make for DD’s are great. Really nice. I was looking around for DD clothes but there aren’t many nice clothes. I am planning to buy a Dollfie Dream, but I’m not sure which one to buy. The DDdy look so “BIG”, but maybe that’s just me. If I look at the Volks site and I have to choose between the different bodytypes. The DD2 body with M bust looks best to me. L size bust or the DDdy body look so “BIG”(abnormal or out of proportion, however you want to call it), but if I look at the clothes you make for your dolls, then I think L size bust or even the DDdy body which has a big bust and a big bum is better, because it dresses better? What do you think, Chun? And if I made a choice for my Dollfie Dream, can I order clothes for her, here?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi Macgeno,

      I believe there are some places selling some Dollfie dream sized clothes other than volks, there’s cool cat –, there’s also Yahoo Japan Auctions but you’ll need a proxy buyer to help you buy them ^^;

      And yes the DDdy body is definitely big on curves, the bust and hips are way bigger than the DDII body. If you feel that DDII looks best to you, then you should get a doll with that body. I personally like both types, but I feel that DDdy body is a lot more difficult to make clothes for.

      Right now I am not taking orders, I am still a single person making the clothes, so it’s quite difficult for me to make custom orders, sorry about that! I am currently working on some pants for both body types to list on Artfire for sale later, I will post news on twitter and my blog when they are ready ^^ Occassionally I make a set to list on ebay, and I will post about it on my blog as well :)

    • chun
      chun says:

      will probably need to get moar of that type of fabric ^^; running out quickly as the pants take more fabric to make. Will have to account for that when I price it too ^^; and I saw lol

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