Tutorial: Xmas Stockings – Printer Free Version!

Time sure flies! We know Christmas is coming very soon by all the decorations around, and Christmas themed music playing at the malls and such!

Make some Xmas Stockings for your dolls!

1) First borrow a leg from your blythe doll, and sketch a loose “stocking” shape around it.

2) Use a pen to draw the final shape of the paper pattern.

3) Cut out the pattern, the top part is optional, you can use a lace bit for that part as well.

4) Cut out an assortment of the materials you wish to use. I am using some felt and lace trim for this tutorial. This is also the time to add stuff like embroidery or decorative beads.

5) Start a blanket stitch, poke the needle through from the underside of the top piece, sewing until up to the slight bend.

6) Position the lace trim on the edge of the “hole” of the socking, sewing the edge of the lace under the underside of the stocking.

7) Sew the top of the lace around the “hole” of the stocking with small stitches, and the other edge of the lace behind the underside of the stocking. End the stitch at the underside (as shown in picture below)

8) Continue sewing around the stocking from where we left off at the “bend” until you reach the other end leaving the “hole” of the stocking open. Add a ribbon loop by hand stitching to the inside of the stocking. I used bits of 3mm satin ribbon approximately 8 cm long.


Use your imagination to make a great assortment of Xmas stockings, feel free to do it in any size you like! Make some for your dolls or your friend’s dolls!

Have a Very Merry Xmas!!!

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