Tutorial: Halloween Paper Wings – Printer Free Version!

Happy Halloween!
I realized that not everyone has a working printer at home, so I came up with a step by step tutorial to make a customized “printer-free” template if you wish to make some wings in a similar fashion from the previous tutorial. You can use your imagination to create some unique wings for your dolls, even after halloween! :)

1) To make the template, draw a line using a ruler and pencil near the side of a piece of paper.

2) Make 2 markings of about 2 cm apart on first line, leave some space to draw the wing around later on.

3) Draw a line approximately 1.5 cm perpendicular to the first line, originating from the lower marking.

4) Draw a line approximately 1.3 cm perpendicular to the top marking of the first line.

5) Join the ends of the 2 shorter lines, you can draw dashes to represent a fold line later on.

6) Draw a line about 1 cm long with 2 shorter strokes at the end to represent the “slits” to be made.

7) Draw shape of the wing you would like to create for your doll(s) It can be any other shapes you can think of :) Let your imagination run wild!

8) Now you have your very own paper template! It will be even more special, if you have created it using your own ideas ;)

9) Cut out the wing template and continue from step 3 of the previous tutorial!

Make some for your own dolls, or as a present for your friends’ dolls! :D
Have a great Halloween!

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  1. jellyfishies
    jellyfishies says:

    This is quite possibly the cutest tutorial ever!! I’ll be sure to use it if my Blythes feel the need to fly away on their own XD

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