Been a while since I last made a tutorial, noticed that the links to the past tutorials are a bit messy (oops!)

This pattern is made to fit Dollfie Dream, feel free to adapt it for other dolls!
You will need to use light colour fabric or a fabric which you know will not stain your Dollfie Dream.  If you want to use a colour fabric, especially dark color fabric, please test it on a part of your doll which is not normally exposed to check if it stains.

In this tutorial, I used a dark grey cotton knit fabric which I have tested on a spare bust piece I have —  I know for sure the fabric I use will not stain my dollfie dream’s vinyl body. I have bad experience with dark sewing thread (black sewing thread especially), so I am using white thread — also, it is easier to see on photos.

You will need:

  • A Dollfie Dream to lend you her leg (or a different doll if you prefer)
  • Light colour knit fabric (example thin tee-shirt material)
  • Paper
  • Eraser (in case of mistakes, or if you are going to trace with a pen after)
  • Pencil (Optional, a pen)
  • Ruler — if you prefer to make a shorter pair of socks
  • Scissors for cutting out the pattern
  • Scissors for the fabric
  • Sewing machine with light thread (not pictured above) Please use ball-point needle for knit fabric!

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Dedicated to our santa’s little helpers!

This pattern is made to fit blythes, feel free to adapt it for other dolls!
You will need to use fabrics with a slight stretch for this particular project. You can also make a sleeping cap from this pattern. Use your imagination! :D

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Happy Halloween!
I realized that not everyone has a working printer at home, so I came up with a step by step tutorial to make a customized “printer-free” template if you wish to make some wings in a similar fashion from the previous tutorial. You can use your imagination to create some unique wings for your dolls, even after halloween! :)

1) To make the template, draw a line using a ruler and pencil near the side of a piece of paper.

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