Tutorial: Halloween Paper Wings

Halloween is approaching fast! When I saw what puchicollective had came up with for the festivities, I was very inspired! With permission, I present to you this little freebie from puppy52doll as well :)

Hopefully this pictorial tutorial will allow you to make a little something for you and your dolls’ enjoyment!

This template will fit blythes, Lati yellow and dolls with similar shoulder size and height.

1) Save this template onto your computer, and print it out using a picture editing program.


2) Pick one design and cut it out, or cut all of them out ;D


3) Have a selection of card stock or vanguard sheet ready, regular paper may be a little too soft for this purpose. I am using a plain card stock for easier demonstration.
I am also using a selection of 3mm satin ribbon, but you can use any type of decorative ribbons as well.

4) Fold the card of choice and position the template on the fold of paper where it is marked.

5) If you’re impatient like me or have a steady hand, you can carefully cut around the template while holding it in position, or if you do not feel so confident, trace with a pencil the shape of the “wing” then cut it. Erase the pencil marks later on.


6) Using a pen knife or exacto knife, carefully cut the through the template and card along the numerical order and direction of the numbered red arrows as seen on the picture below; to make slits for the ribbon. Remember to use a cutting mat or something thick to protect your work table!

7) After the slits are made, thread the ribbon (around 35-40cm long, trim the excess later if neccessary) through the holes. The 2nd picture shows the ribbon positioning better.



After adjusting the ribbon, it will look like this.

When worn on a Lati yellow, it will look like this at the back.

another view

A different pair of wings on a blythe doll.


At completion, you can the decorate the wings with stickers beads or even drawings — use your imagination. Have fun and be safe on Halloween!


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