Miss Sally Rice has special translucent “skin” and pouty lips :) Mine came with a slightly lipsided top lip so I decided to modify it a little ^^;



So pretty :)

Took some pix of 2 other dollies in doginagumboot shorts and hat (along with some of my sewing intended for blythes ^^; ) I was very lucky to adopt them from a sweet girl ;)
Licca (2nd Generation vintage) = Pumpkin and Mayumi = Caramel :D I named them after 2 kitkat flavours ^^;/

They look so cute together! :) I think they became best friends after they travelled together ^O^ I think they brought me a little luck for my Mail today :)

Ja mata ne! :D

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5 Responses to My Miss Sally Rice

  1. how much is the liccas? because i’ll buy one.. $4? , $6? what just tell me.. please….

  2. chun says:

    @diona oops, sorry didn’t see your comment earlier ^^;;;;

    @Hsin ah, okay just to warn you that my method leaves some scratches where I worked on, so not sure if you really want to try it ^^; Kindly note I cannot be responsible for any possible “accidents” from the method I mention here! I actually used a sharp pen knife and slowly (And carefully) chipped away the extra paint on top of the lips. The fine scratches show up if I go really close up on the lips.

  3. Hsin says:

    My MSR arrived the same way! Can I ask how you manage to remove some of the paint on her lips??

  4. diona says:

    hello. i’m stumbling blythe dolls and found you. i love them myself and am trying to expand my collection! i’m also having a giveaway at my website where the winner gets a petite blythe.

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