Pants for the Dynamite body 3

Revisited the pattern for the Dynamite body pants, found some flaws which bugged me, so today I worked on tweaking the pattern again after the previous attempt(s) from a while back.

I’m planning to make a DDdy set for evilbay before I try to accumulate some loose items, sorry to keep everyone waiting ^^;

Nyanko is wearing the near final piece, I have not included pockets and belt loops yet, the back area is slightly better covered and it’s not as overly tight as the previous version – which happens to be the brown one Mirai’s wearing.  The brown pair was so tight, we had trouble buttoning it up and I was wondering if these 2 Dynamite girls gained some weight :P

Oh, their blouses are test pieces, the weather’s getting colder so I wanted to make something with long sleeves :)

Omake: Yesterday afternoon, I got a mail loot XD I was really amused when I saw taitan-no san’s Wind up Alpaca, and had been coveting it for a long time, and one day I finally snapped… :P It was slightly troublesome to get them, I did a BIN from an ebay listing only to find they did not have it at hand (can they actually do this?!).  Luckily they refunded me quickly, I decided to try a proxy service, but even with that I had a little hiccup which caused some delays to have these 2 Alpacas shipped to me lol.

Passing thru…

Lati Yellows can ride on them too ^^

Long time no Vivi ^^; her curls on her twin tails are coming loose so I don’t take her out as much ^^;


One last thing, an update about the shirred dress which I made before, I have not been able to find the exact same elastic threads (with the same elastic strength) so I have to put making that item on hold for now :( Sorry! I wanted to try and make some to list, but the results I got with other brands of elastic threads is quite loose, not the same stretch as the first 2 I tested out ^^;

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  1. polty
    polty says:

    wow, love how your outfits make the somewhat overdone dynamite curves much more natural and smooth x3 very very nice !!

    mamachapps on alpacas > _ < so cute !! x3

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! I always felt that slightly fitted wear will probably make the DDdy body look less chunky? :) The Mamachapps and Alpacas are on my desk now lol

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