Nyanko and Aki snuggles

Sewing progress a bit slower than I like… had to make some time to take some pix of my girls tho!!!

Maybe a little NSFW? ^^;

This pose is inspired by a dollfie dream friend’s girls’ pose ;P I think his girls did it better ;)

I have another shot taken with my iphone, but the quality is a bit different and the lighting as well ^^;

Okay better not force the pose lol

Sorry if the colours may see a bit off, am still trying to muck around for a better way to capture artificial light ^^; Aki’s beautiful pantsu is bought in Japan ^^

Thanks for looking!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you XD The sizes changes when I swap heads ^^; lol I like Nyanko’s wig a lot, but it would be nice to eventually get a shade of red which matches her brows XD I was thinking of painting her brows but didn’t really want to ruin her make up XP~

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