Himitsu testing denim fabric for about 2 days, so far no stain yet, but feel that this fabric and colour seems to make DDII body quite chubby ^o^;

Himitsu trying the Miruya wig ^o^

What do you think of the pants? ¬†They’re from same pattern but the material and colour is different ^^;/

I think the wig still fits Aki better ^^;

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12 Responses to Himitsu hisashiburi~!

  1. Otakusan says:

    Oh NO!!! Asuka saw this post… i’m being pointed by a beam rifle now to get her a pair XD I hope you will be selling a pair later

    • chun says:

      muhaha kawaii Asuka chan! <3 Right now the medium blue version is still on test, the other colours I bought fabric, just slowly working on >_<;/ sorry to keep you and Asuka chan waiting~!

  2. coffeebugg says:

    How’s the texture of the fabric? is it tough denim? Ditto, with Miette-chan. Don’t look chubby at all. Considered making baggy denim for the girls?

    • chun says:

      it’s soft and quite thin that’s why I tried to sew it,but i guess it’s still different from the original cotton fabric the pattern is intended for. No baggy denim yet, not too keen on the R&B look if that’s what you’re thinking…

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Looking good, although I don’t really see the chubby at all. I hope that the denim keeps playing nice and there is no staining.

  4. polty says:

    interesting to see that your DDdy outfits make the DDdy body look like DDII, while the DDII pants make a DDII body look DDdy ! xD

    they both looks lovely ~

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