Dollfies unpacked

After what feels like weeks/months of packing, we finally moved on the eve of Halloween and only on Monday I could find sometime to take my dollfie daughters out from storage :3

It’s good to have them out and about, even tho my desk/workspace are not ready yet :P We still have quite a bit to unpack/sort but I think we’re making some progress ^^;

I’ll probably have to put them away later tonite when we have to clean up more, but meanwhile I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of photos of them while we had a bit of a sunny break :)

What are they looking at? The view of course!

We have moved a bit further away from civilization this time round, but we are enjoying the surroundings and nature, more importantly it is a bit more quiet than our previous place.

So what does the girls do when the internet’s up?

Check and of course :P

They’re excited about the recent doll show despite not being able to go ^^;

Taiga was complaining that she had to work really hard (with photos to prove) to Mirai and Mirin ^^;

She claimed that she even helped to move ^^; Okie I hope by this week will have more unpacked/set up :D Laters!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      hehe yeah it’s nice to see them again indeed! and it really depends, if Taiga has some other outfits to show case I’ll likely take her out again lol!

  1. rockleelotus
    rockleelotus says:

    so great to see all your lovely girls again! ^^ …but is that really Mirai? she looks so sweet and innocent <3 this must be her previous side before becoming the seductive gun weilding super spy i remember lol

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