Lovely sisters’s sisterly love ^^;

See a few moar at da post :3

I cannot decide if Mirin is embarrassed or looking at me confidently :P

They’re wearing a very similar top. It’s very hard to get them exactly the same, drives me nuts ^^;

So Mirai is in the Dynamite Body ^^; (DDdy) and Mirin is in L-bust with DDII body :)

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21 Responses to Dollfie twins docking

  1. Miette-chan says:

    How nice, too bad Nanoha is my lonely musume so she has no one to dock with.

    I vote for Mirin looking embarrassed that surely the impression I get from that blush. Looking at that last picture I think I dislike the dynamite body a little, looks to unnatural to me then again I’m used to looking at the M body everyday.

    • chun says:

      awwww! lol I hope you’ll have some funds to give her a docking partner in future XD
      I actually don’t mind the dynamite body as she has the curves I can only dream to have (ahem) but it’s very hard to sew for her without her looking chubbier than she is ^^;

  2. spark90 says:

    How did you manage to do the blush on Mirin?

    • chun says:

      chalk pastels and clean make up brush ^^ Be warned tho, if the chalk pastel is red, it can stain the other parts of the dollfie body — I didn’t realise I had a bit on my hand and touched Himitsu’s neck ^^;

  3. Parkiyo-E005 says:

    I wonder if you know a website where I bought this beautiful little doll she’s beautiful thank you for your info where may i buy this puppy dolls

  4. chibinezumi says:

    now that you mention it I can’t tell if thats embarrassed/confident either! Although, Mirai definitely looks like the aggressive one in all the pics! I really like the last pi,c twins but different. It’s those subtle changes that really makes them look great together ^^ love seeing your girls! :D

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