Woot Otacool3 get ^^; Decided to do a dollfie dream mod on Mirin, came across a link on modifying dollfie dream when it was posted by sushi_n_sake on twitter. The link about the mod is for the elbow joint, but I read in one of the comments that it can be done on the neck joint, and decided to try that out :)


Why I wanted to do the mod is mainly because when we try to take photos of the dollfie dream lying on their belly trying to read a book, sometimes their head tend to be bowing too low to catch their faces.


With the mod done there’s a slightly better view of the face when I try to take pictures of this pose.

Below are some pictures of the doll parts, if you feel disturbed please do not continue ^^;

Also if you intend to do the mod, please please think carefully if you decide to do it on a limited bust– example Yoko or Kanu’s dynamite body/bust — It’s a bit hard to come by/replace ^^;



So here’s a view of what I did:

The neck part is rather soft so it was a bit difficult to cut — there’s a potential risk of cutting too much ^^;, so with this little nook I cut out with a pen knife, the point where the head is inserted can now bend backwards a bit more. As you can see since the neck part is soft, the nook is opened up a bit. I’ll have to try to clean up the parts which splits open ^^;

View from the side:

View from the top:

For comparison, Himitsu (closer to us) has not been modded, Mirin (further from us) has been modded. Mirin can definitely tilt her head back a bit more compared to Himitsu.

I put them into similar pose. Please be careful when you try to bend your dollfie dream backwards, do not do it too hard, as there may be a risk of stressing and breaking over time.

view from behind to show that the back arc is similar.

View from the side.

Mirin and Himitsu are chillaxing on my desk now XD

Kawaii ne? ^o^!

Tidied up my desk cos of Otacool3 arrival and was feeling inspired by Danny’s desk diary post XD

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26 Responses to Dollfie Dream neck mod

  1. It is interesting about how simple mods can solve problems. When I was installing Z’s abdominal piece, I had to cut small slits in the hip region of the vinyl piece to get the 60cm hip joint through easily. But at least the mod is invisible with the legs in place. This neck mod looks like it would be hidden by the head, and if not the head hiding it, the hair would. I’m definitely considering doing this for Yumi. Is this also an issue with MDD? Could you shoot a comparison of, say, Taiga laying on her belly reading and Mirin doing the same? I mean, eventually Namiko-tan is going to get a DDS body and sort of “go through puberty” if you know what I mean. She is 12 after all, it’s about time.

    • chun says:

      I’m not sure if this is the same with MDD, but I’m not likely to modify Taiga’s neck I think, cos her elbows I don’t think are strong enough to support the pose? I’ll try to take pix another time cos it’s late now (no natural light) ^^

      • Cool. Oh yeah: the DDS apparently has a design change that will allow for the neck to bend better this way.

        Another awesome thing: Volks will be selling factory faced-up DDH-02, 03 and 04 heads. Although Biff (my faceup artist who just moved away to Missouri, waaah!) told me that doing the faceup on Namiko was a breeze compared to what she does with Obitsus and ABJDs. I might just try my hand at doing the faceup myself ^^;;;

  2. Syaoran says:

    Interesting~ So you do the same thing for the arm mod? Just cut a small little slit inside?

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Alright, me too.

    This really solves one of my pet peeves with DDs and without having to buy a new modifined neck joint.

    This is pretty cool, nice share.

    • chun says:

      Yah! I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a special neck joint >_< the bust Mirin's on is older so I thought to try it ^^ I probably won't do it on Yoko tho, cos her bust is not easily replaceable ^^;

  4. OtakuDepot says:

    Very cool looking. I saw you tweet this but wasn’t sure how well it would work. Now seeing the results I’m really tempted to try it on Sakura. Scared, but tempted. :D

    • chun says:

      It’s definitely good for certain poses :) at least sakura’s L-bust is replace-able, I wouldn’t recommend doing it if the bust piece is a limited one (example Yoko’s bust)

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