Himitsu scores a test top for Dollfie dream M-bust ^^;

Photos taken with Lumix LX3 so they’re all a little distorted ^^;

Gotta remember to take some better photos in daytime! Now then I noticed that the band on the right side of the bikini is a bit off (oops) ^^;

Slightly angled from bottom

Creative posing :3

Photoshopped lol

View non photoshopped version here.

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15 Responses to Bikini for M-bust

  1. Oh, Yumiko would LOVE that. Glad to see you giving M-bust girls some sewing love. They really can be just as beautifully sexy as their more zaftig peers.

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Interesting, I never really liked how bikini’s look on L+ sizes, it always something was off to me. On Himitsu’s M bust I find it looks great, will keep that it mind for my future purchases.

    I agree with yamada, stripes are always good.

  3. yamada says:

    Pink camo looks great! pink-striped would be nice too :D just my thoughts.

  4. spark90 says:

    Wow I’m really liking how that came out! Did the shop have regular camouflage too? Would be interesting to make one from regular green camo and do an outdoors shoot XD

    • chun says:

      Oh! The problem with regular camouflage colours is that it may stain, esp the black ^^; which was mainly why I got this version to test for staining. So far, no stains (yet), but my dolls has been mostly wearing it for about a day or 2 each ^^;

  5. Pink camo bikini is so hot! Though it’s still to cold for bikini in Vancouver right now… which explains the… uh… y’know…

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