Ball joint doll meet

I attended my first ball joint doll meet this year after so many years of being in Canada ^^; Not sure what was stopping me in the first place. I’m not always good in crowded situations could be one of the reasons crippling me. ^^;  But I am glad I went!  Met some new doll folks and their dolls :) I haven’t been in the ball joint doll scene for a bit, so it’s good to hang out and see what’s out there :)

Mokotan and Vivi chan made a couple new friends of their kind ^o^

I must thank Princess chuchi for letting me know about the meet! :D She took some great photos of Mirin chan too ^o^ (much better than mine ^^;;; ).
I’m super amused by this photo she took of some of our back views with my butt and the geese in focus XD!

Another shot of Mamachappp goodness :P

Mamachapps overload?

This couple Gloomy bears belong to Nurie Nurie ^o^ I like that they have muzzles :P

Mamachapps hanging with Nurie Nurie’s yoSDs

Awwwww kawaii ja~

This girl is soooooooo cute <3

She’s enjoying the shade, it was a warm day!

So well dressed! :D

I jumped into a set up lol! Nurie has some great shots of them on her flickr :)

I brought Mirin (in DDII body and L bust) and the 2 Mamachapp kids.

Unfortunately the photos I took of Mirin were so so ^^; I had to do a lot of photo processing, and even after I think they look… so so :P

The weeping willow makes great backdrop and shade for us :D

Love this girl <3

Mirin met some boys there (ahem) they’re incompatible in the size department unfortunately ^^;

So sweet! :D

Pretty! Like snow white :3

Very handsome boy <3

He’s a MSD size boy tho?

Mirin having the boy (in a different wig) sitsit on her lap lol

This is a tiny BJD ^o^

One of my better shots of the lot ^^;

She sits on an SD girl’s head :P

Even tinier… a lati white I think?


After sitting/chatting/taking pix for a bit, it’s time to go wander around lol

It was quite crowded in Granville Island so I only occassionally take out Mokotan ^^;

A few non doll photos

Public Market

Canadian geese… they want food from us when we sat down on the picnic mats ^^; But it still doesn’t beat the poo they left on the grass ^^;;;;;

Resident kitty of a shop :D She’s always sleeping, but she lets people stroke her :) so cute ^O^

Till next time ^o^

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  1. Nurie
    Nurie says:

    awww!!! i’m so glad to see my babies here too LOL…
    mamachapp is so rare that i even think that…
    the one we had was probably the only mamachapp meet in the world O__O you know?
    cus theyre so rare.. ( well aside from the people in Japan XDD .. cus
    thats where they were made hahaha ).. but 2 people who just met XD..
    sounds special dont you think??

    it made me wanna put more girls in my collection someday. also, i actually
    had a pure neemo but i didnt bring her.. cus my bag is full and i didnt wanna
    squish everyone inside lol~ next time i will bring!!… ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehehe your photos are way better ^^; I would think there would be other people in the world “Meeting” with their mamachapps other than Japan tho LOL but japan probably have more ^^; would love to “meet” your purenemo sometime :D Never really handle one before lol :)

  2. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Gloomy bears need something for their hands too, the red doesn’t look very comforting =/ lol~

    The boy was cute, missing a bit of lip colour though, aww~

    I like the Blonde one with the red outfit, she looks very dramatic, and snow white~ *o*

    Glad you enjoyed yourself Puppy, any more meets coming up for you to attend? x3

  3. Eddy
    Eddy says:

    Ahhh damn the other day I came across a pic of a male doll collector and he was super creepy. I wanted to show you but I forgot to save it. BTW, we just wrapped our full San Diego Comic-Con 09 coverage, you should check it out!

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    I have bad experience with Canadian geese poop… We had a Walk-a-thon in elementary school and our last stop is always the place that’s littered with geese poop >_<

    Ah anyhoot… Mamachapp cuteness overload! Love that nekomimi one. Is that yours? If it’s not, when are you making a nekomimi for your mamachapp? ^^;

    • chun
      chun says:

      yikes, well I had geese poop on my sandals too, so that was gross ^^: and no that nekomimi one was not mine lol I hope I can squeeze some time out to do it ^^; the mamachapp even has tail lol

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