Aki on hot summer afternoon

It was a HOT summer afternoon, I think Aki was trying to keep cool, but may have raised the temperature instead ^^;

It was way too hot to sew :( Aki had to mix and match stuff I made from before :P

Our place felt like it was baking, like an oven :P

It was a beautiful day despite the heat!

Hot and humid… like in Asia ^^;

All these photos were taken using my iphone ^^;

Aki shares a cool mango slushy with me :3

Thanks for looking! Stay cool if it’s hot where you are!

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  1. Liane
    Liane says:

    Hello! I’m Liane, 13 a cosplayer and I cosplayed Mirai Suenaga. :) Btw, are the dolls for sale? I’m just new to this website.. so.. err. Just asking. :) Please respond. ^_^

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