Micro Mini Doll Meet at Patisserie Fur Elise

Another micro mini meet (very last minute lol) decided kinda the day before I think? XD

I brought Paw and Mai brought her custom blythe ^o^/

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Petite Blythe

I was presented with a Petite Blythe during one of the Blythe doll meets by my friend mydollies4 and I managed to quickly customise her, in time to take her to a Mini Blythe meet in Granville island on Sunday! Oh, her name is Jules ;)

Petite Blythes are small and cute, and portable :P But I find it very fiddly to make their clothes =_=; I made her little dress from one of the Dolly Coordinates pattern :3

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Doll’s Loot 3

Mmmm dolly mail loot ^^;

Totally pleasantly spoilt by Mformonkey >_<!!! Wasn’t expecting a hoodie, much less see puppy mascot on it!

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Blythe Con Portland – Thank you!

Blythe con 20 june 2011 flew by quickly! I’m still in disbelief that it’s over! At the same time I thank all the hardworking organizers, attendees, vendors, sponsors and everyone who made it possible!

I do have some items left over but currently Candapost is on strike so I cannot sell overseas it until they’re back in operation… Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Also thank Killertomato (Yuki), for suggesting we share a booth in the first place, Bluestarbaby (Jade) who roomed with me and was a great pleasure to hang out with! Otherwise I might have just missed this Blythe con (due to sheer terror LOL)!

I took a LOT of photos, so if you’re interested in blythes and the people who love blythes, please do check this link for all photos I tagged with blytheconportland, also you can check out the BlytheCon 2011 flickr group for photos from everyone who attended!

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Blythe Con Portland – 20th June 2011

In this entry I will talk a bit more about the items available at Blythe Con Portland this coming Monday, 20th June 2011! I am sharing a booth with Yuki, killertomato of vinylbelly.com

I am reporting live from Portland at the moment (Woohoo)! First impression of Portland is that it’s a very beautiful city and I want to live here :P

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Thinking of Japan

Really concerned about the situation in Japan and thinking of all our friends there!  Saw the quake related news on twitter as it unfolded, really terrifying even tho we were not physically there… Thank goodness we have heard back from most of our friends and also know that most acquaintances are at least safe as well…

Donated to Red Cross, hope to be able to do more later if possible! A friend of mine has decided to sew to do a fund raising to donate, I hope to do that too, will post more information when I’m ready!

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Long time no blythe :)

Blythe doll was the doll which got me into the crazy dolly world, and I know I haven’t been playing with them as much as I am distracted by my Dollfie Dreams :P


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Glacier Lily

Remember Glacier Lily? She has just been listed on a Charity auction (sorry Japanese only, you can use a proxy service to bid on her if you like her! ^o^) not too long ago :)

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Date with Mai Little Alien

An overdue post about a date with Mai ^o^;

Below, we see Mokotan very excited about the parfaits we ordered ^^;;;  So delicious…

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Custom Blythe Haruko

Haruko (means spring child) was named after I completed her this Spring :) Her outfit is made specially for her to go to her new home ^^/

Ending Feb 28, 201016:00 (Item ID: 190375581932)

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