Micro doll meet 2010

Hung out yesterday with friends and dolls ^o^!

Daifuku, one of my neglected blythe babes :P

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The mess

I took over the storage room in our current place to make it into a little doll nook/sweatworkshop.  But sometimes things just get a bit out of control, especially when sewing is in progress ^^;

Himitsu maiddo chan helps me sort out the dollfie clothes…  Most are test pieces which they get to keep. Or some stuff exchanged with fellow dollfie owners…

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Mini Ball joint doll meet

Mini meets usually means like dolls belonging to a couple people are involved lol! Thanks Mai and Nurie* for popping by to visit with your dolls! :D

This Rilakkuma head belongs to my boss ^^; I want one too! But unfortunately I don’t think they make/sell these anymore *pout*

There are a variety of dolls in this post, including blythes so you’ve been warned :P

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Interview section

Decided to make a new section for brief interviews with people I personally look up to in the doll field. :) I was inspired to request an interview with Matin sensei after I had the luck to acquire this lovely sofa kit during the last trip to Tokyo.

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Blythe beauty contest 2009 – Fashion Obsession

Finally got around organizing photos from the opening party ^^; Photos and information from official site of the private party can be found here.  Once again warm congratulations to the Winners of the 2009 Blythe beauty contest :)

This is my 2nd time taking part in the contest, but first time in a team with 2 very talented ladies, Yuki, and Mai.

Before I continue posting the rest of the images, I would like to mention that these photos are taken with kind permission from CWC, the organisers of the Annual event.
Images are for non commercial purposes only and are displayed here to bring awareness to Blythe and the charity work she is doing.

The watermark of the URL www.puppy52dolls.com is only for the purpose of tracing the source where the image is photographed and in no way implying ownership to the design in any form unless otherwise mentioned.

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Busy dolls

I have been very busy ^^; so there will not be much text :P 2 dolls follow me around during activities…^^;/
Vivi queuing…

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Variety of dolls

This week is a week of busy and surprises ^o^ I was trying not to buy too many doll items, but it is not always successful ^^; Below, Ginny is wearing a cute hat which came with my purchases from tibiloo.etsy.com ^^/

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Vivi and Betsey out and about

Both Vivi and Betsey are wearing my sewing :) Vivi’s actually wearing something meant for blythe ^^

Recently the website for my team’s entry for blythe beauty contest – Glacier Lily, has been updated by our team leader, Yuki, with japanese version and some extra “Making of” photos! ^o^ We were informed by the kind staff of CWC that Glacier Lily has arrived safely in Japan – she will be to be exhibited along with the other wonderful entries at Omotesando Hills and later to be voted on at the exhibition. Online voting will take place from 11:00 a.m. on June 23 (JPT) and voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on July 1 (JPT). Detailed information to come!

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