We spent quite a bit of Valentine’s running errands (LOL) so I ended up bringing  a ball of yarn and knitting needles to try knitting something for Mirai while I wait in the car ^^; Good thing is it fits okay ^O^!


I learnt a bit about knitting from my teens from a few different people, but ironically never really learnt how to read the patterns lol!  So now I can only “eyeball knit” — knitting the pieces to fit the size of an actual garment.

I tend to be somewhat impatient, so knitting isn’t neccessarily my most favourite thing to do, but I really want to try to knit something for Mirai ^^ Finished knitting the 4 pieces (front, back, 2 sleeves) and stitched them together after dinner. Knitting for dolls is still faster than knitting for humans afterall :P

Today turned out to be a beautiful day, so I took some quick pictures indoors :)
Mirai has dangerous L-bust curves :P

A couple shots which I quite like, taken last nite in artifical light ^^;


Okie time to make lunch ^^ Thanks for looking!

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14 Responses to Test knitting for L bust dollfie dream

  1. Akari says:

    Just realized how long Mirai dollie’s neck is…but its still cute!~

  2. chun says:

    Akari heh I also find her neck a bit long for my personal preference lol but she’s still cute ^^!

  3. Kawaii Chan says:

    Aww, thats an adorable top Chun! Nice work with the knitting.

  4. Adun says:

    I find it rather awesome that you knitted this whilst waiting in the car. Definitely looks good on her and love the L bust.

    I have considered trying making clothes for my dollfies but I don’t think I would be that great, plus I lack enough free time as it is.

  5. Yanyan says:

    Wow… The sweater looks lovely on her.. And you make me want to buy dollfie, but they’re super expensive..

  6. Arayden KOGs says:

    Lol. So you’re going to stick with M bust or the L bust XD.

  7. chun says:

    @Kawaii Chan thanks :D

    @Adun well otherwise usually just sitting in the car not doing much ^^; I lack free time as well =_=

    @Yanyan hmmm it depends on which and what kind I guess lol

    @Arayden KOGs no idea :P it’s switchable depending on needs

  8. Arayden KOGs says:

    Lol. I can see why…

    Oppai Saber XD.

  9. Marwa says:

    How darling! It looks so well made. I did a simlar thing when I knitted my Taeyangs some tops.

  10. chun says:

    @Arayden KOGs lol!

    Marwa thank you! :D I can only knit the very basic stuffs lol

  11. d.ark says:

    OMG! So you are the one who made these!
    I’ve been wondering where DC got them from and now I know.
    They are seriously nice even though as you say, simple, but they do the trick.

  12. chun says:

    lol yes :P Hmmm I wonder where I stuffed all my knitting thingies ^^; They’re pull overs so are a bit troublesome to put on :P But I guess they’re nice, soft and girly :)

  13. mayac says:

    i want buy this doll!!!!

  14. chun says:

    This doll is a volks dollfie dream, you probably can find an updated version on the volks dolls website.

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