I work at a friend’s shop once a week, today they had a new shipment… Could I resist the Nendoroid?

Can you say no to this knife face? No. ^^;

My friend’s Ryu comes to save the day….

Ryoko versus Ryu ROUND ONE, FIGHT!

Ryu: Hadoken!

Ryoko swiftly and gracefully dodged the move, so Ryu tries another move… Stinky Foot!

Ryoko: Ewwww! *Ryu’s leg drops off on cue*

Omake ^^;
Hadoken versus sharp knife, who will win?

Before actual shooting started, Ryu lifted some weights to buff himself up ^^;

Non related stuff:
Some nifty shipment came in, which included this Batman & Bat-Pod figure thingie, I felt the artwork looked familiar and it turned out it IS my favourite artist Masakazu Katsura’s work ^^; Feel so dumb for not realising it sooner :P (as in the moment I saw it)

fan girl squeeaaallll :P


Near end of the day I borrowed this from my friend (aka boss).. Difficult game desu ^^; I cannot get the last piece right lol other attempts resulted in a few pieces misfited ^^;

Thanks for peeking ^^/!

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7 Responses to Nendoroid “damage” at work

  1. puppy52doll says:

    gordon lol it was a split second before blood come shooting out ^^;

  2. gordon says:

    lol @ lifting ryoko!

    and no blood at broken leg? ^^;

  3. puppy52doll says:

    ace well he only made one order so I’m afraid not ^^;

    blood on the mirror I think I am less likely to buy her if I never saw her in person ^^;!

  4. blood on the mirror says:

    Ryouko is so cute!

    I haven’t seen her around here.

    Cute pictures!

  5. Ace says:

    ask your friend aka boss if you can open the batman batpod figure so you can take photos lol! i wanna see >_>

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