A new friend for Haruhi Nendoroid :P

Today the Nendoroid which pushed me over the deep end arrived….

I present to you, Pastel Ink Nendoroid! ^O^ I preordered Pastel Ink from HLJ, it felt like it took a while for her to arrive, but to be honest, I was just impatient :P

Isn’t she painfully cute?! I only watched 1-2 episodes of her anime, but her character design in Nendoroid form is just…. irresistable! (nom on her :P)

I can hear her going “Dechu” in Ebichu voice :P in the picture below lol

My Nendoroid happen to come with a couple booboos despite being pretty carefully packaged =_=

Her left twin tail came off and rubbed against her head o_o;

The hand supposed to hold on to her Lolli (wand really) the hole had a stub I had to carefully shave off with a pen knife ^^;

Haruhi is pleased she’s getting a new recruit…

In comparison to Haruhi, Pastel ink can stand on her own a lot easier, due to her shoes ^^; Pastel ink comes with a tiny chair and sitting legs, which I haven’t played with yet, but maybe another time ^^/

I put Haruhi temporarily on a roll of toilet paper (haha!) while I fiddle with Pastel ink :P

She of course tells me I am going to die in my sleep tonite :P

Okay gotta get back to work, so laters (thanks for peeking!)

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  1. lu-k
    lu-k says:

    Kawaiiiii!! >_<
    No picture with the "about to cry" face? I think this one is my favorite, though the smiling one is ubber cute too :)

  2. Meimi132
    Meimi132 says:

    Hauuu so cute!!! Im really tempted to order from HLJ…. but they’re low stock… what if I order just as they run out??!!! Hauuuu
    (This is Meimi132, dunno why its using my real name… nvm)

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