After I read this news article by Danny I really wanted to try to enter, but at present I only have 2 nendoroids… As much as I like figures, I think I cannot justify having a large collection of them just yet, with dolls at least I could make clothing for them, eventually sell some clothing and “pay them off”, but with figures… *scratch head*

Nevertheless, I took my 2 nendoroids (I have a third one on pre-order) with me to work at the shop (in a Mall) I help out with once a week, and took some pix! :P Sweet Pastel Ink chan waited with me for the bus ^^ I was a bit early and thankfully bus was on time today. ^^

At da shoppu, there are some of the good smile figures tempting me…

Have a break, have a nendoroid by the fountain…

Take 2

After a long day at work, went to have Pho ^O^ Here are the girls waiting for the Pho…

Thanks for peekin! ^^

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2 Responses to Nendoroids outting

  1. Toxyn says:

    :o! Aberdeen Centre! I’m assuming the GSC figures pcitures were taken at beans?

  2. blood on the mirror says:

    That’s so cute!!

    Where is that place? If it’s alright, where do you live? The places there look REALLY nice. Hehe

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