Adventures of Mokotan~ 12 – it snowed!

It snowed last night, and is already melting quickly as I write up this blog ^^;

Managed to take Mokotan and her pet out for a quick walk about :) When I was taking the photos, a dog almost came over and picked up Mokotan >_< It was a bit scary haha :P Luckily I was faster than the dog ^^;

The dog looked at me with a “Is that for me? You wanna play?” face :P It was kinda cute, but I thought if he had bitten Mokotan it wouldn’t be as funny or cute LOL! Luckily the owner called the dog away, so doggy did not continue to interrupt my photoshoot ^^;

I love new snow! ^o^

Soft and fluffy and white :P

But snow = slippery ^^; I fell once, luckily did not land on camera ^^; or on Mokotan ^^;;;;

Hope you enjoy this little adventure ;D

For non doll snow pictures, you can check out the entry on my art blog :)

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