White dresses

Was in the mood for test sewing today, so drafted a pattern for a dress intended for M bust.  The inspiration of the dress was a Momoko doll’s dress from a picture by Emily san ^o^. Found that dress fits the L bust on the DDII body too — which is great! Ended up making another one so I can take a photo of 2 girls together in similar dresses ^o^


Himitsu and Mirin look so sweet in white don’t they? :)

I posted some photos on figure.fm as well, there’s a polling going on, right at this moment the preference is 50-50 lol!

My husband thought they look like angels, and asked me where are their wings :P

Mirin in L-bust, it’s a bit fight fitted in front ^^;

A white ribbon can be tied around the waist for a different look ^o^

back to back comparison ^^ Seems a bit loose on the M-bust from the side? ^^;

Looks better from the front ^^

Glad this pattern seem to work out at first try ^o^

Thanks for looking ^^/!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I love these, I really like this type of one pieces. In fact I wish I owned more for Nanoha.

    So, are you gonna follow up on your husband and make some wings?

  2. OtakuDepot
    OtakuDepot says:

    Another great job Chun – they really look so perfect together in the same outfit. They really do look like a couple of angels. It also looks like a good breeze could give us a good show. That material looks very light. :D

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