Tube top

We had a heat wave this week, today we’re getting some breeze as I write this entry but I am still “roasted” when I try to sew in the sewing dungeon ;_;

Got around to a tube top meant for someone else’s Yoko ^^;  Think I need to make some of these tube tops for my own girls, it’s been so warm!

A couble of documentation shots:


Then… Some miscellaneous shots XD

Nyanko wants to keep it ^^;

I fall in love again with Nyanko everytime :)

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  1. aquilla429
    aquilla429 says:

    You know, I really hate tube tops, I have always hated them with a passion. But you know that, the DD body is really rocking it out and I think it looks great.

    • chun
      chun says:

      lol This top covers up Yoko’s assets pretty well lol I personally wish I can wear tube tops without worrying that it’s gonna slide off by accident :P

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