Taiga Aisaka custom version II

I have always admired the custom heads which is often featured in the Japanese blog: 伝達戦士コクチバンR (Galaxy Police) — they were what inspired me to make my own Taiga Aisaka custom Mini Dollfie dream.

I had been meaning to make a version II of Taiga’s head for a while now, and after I discovered some custom eye option, I decided not to wait any longer, heads were purchased (Thanks again Nicole!) and work was started when the weather became more suitable ^^

I decided to try to open the eyeholes of the closed eyed heads by myself, as the heads cost less than those which already have the eyes opened… ^^;

The thing is, eye opening was a bit more tricky than expected and I managed to blister my fingers in the process ^^; reminded me why I wasn’t doing this too often :P Also due to the customizing being handmade, it is hard to achieve the perfect smooth finish close to the original surface, which is a pity ^^; While looking at the first version for reference, I also made small changes to the 2nd version.

ETA: a custom process by Mazaku found on figure.fm :)

After opening the eyes — dig a hole thru the center of the eye first and carefully carve the rest off with an X-Acto knife, sand and smooth the edges. I lightly sketched some parts with a pencil to see how it look.

Dug out a pair of eyes purchased back in Japan to try the look, also used Sai to quickly paint an idea of how I wanted to do the make up.

Purchased some eyes from Pupa Paradise to customise…

Notice the clear piece seem to magnify the pupil a bit, so trial and error was needed ^^;

Tested the look out, pencil marks were removed by using a clean eraser. To remove the stubborn marks, have to use a fine sanding paper, then buffing with a fingernail buffer stick. Noticed that the custom eyes are rather reflective… ^^;

Before painting the actual face up (or make up) have to spray a coat or 2 of Mr. Super Clear Matt, let it completely dry before painting. While painting, I also have some rubbing alcohol and water ready close by if I make a mistake ^^; After I decided I was done for the afternoon, I still feel that I can do better for the eyeliner… Oh well maybe next time :P And due to that the surface is not factory smooth, the blush looks a bit smudged in person ^^; looks okay in photos?

Used low heat glue gun to fix the eyes… noticed the left eye was a bit misaligned after it cooled down ^^;

Went for tsun tsun Taiga this time… wonder if I should have give her a smirk instead?

Taiga daisuki!

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  1. mazaku
    mazaku says:

    In fact I use similar eyes parts of yours.~ ^^a
    You can try to drip “off oil” into the white part, and then put paper(printed)in side.
    Finally drip “off oil” on the clear part, and then cover it back. Use tissue to absorb add oil, check no bubble inside the eye. Finish.~ ^o^
    PS:If not ok, try it once again.~ ^^a

  2. PrettyCranium
    PrettyCranium says:

    Chun — I would love to buy a Taiga head. She is so adorable I might explode. Seriously, contact me if you ever consider making and selling another.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I’m trying to work out some kinks regarding the surface of her cheeks cos right now in person the blush looks kinda patchy ^^; I hope if eventually I get that sorted out I might be able to either sell or auction the head ^^;/ Sorry about that XP!

  3. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Nicely done custom head! ^^
    Would try and improve the eyes by making the pupil truly black and the surface less reflective though indeed.

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