Hmmm seems that I keep missing the winter part of the season :P

I have many ideas I want to make but I still need to make and test the patterns, that usually take me a long time before I make something I am satisfied with… maybe I should make Winter pattern thru the year ^^;

Haven’t taken much photos lately due to poor weather grey and cloudy with minimum light, and today I had to take some photos because I have some sewing ready.

I made some skirts and was thinking over what I should make to go with them, and thankfully whatever was made the last 2 days work with two of the skirts :)

Today was really sunny and bright, making it ideal to take photos at the corner I usually do :)

I adjusted the peasant top design to make it fit the DDII body better, the area where it sits on the hips is a little more fitted :) But I think this version will not fit the DDdy body’s curves unfortunately ^^;

Airi is wearing a variant of the peasant top design which turned out quite nice I think :) and happen to match the green skirt :3

Tsun Dere? lol

Aki <3

Really like the length of the sleeves of this new version, it happens to cover the elbow join at certain poses :)

Omake: Tsuntsun Taiga got a new painted eyes, same type as Taiga version III, I used a couple wooden beads ^^ I think I like this version of the eyes better despite it’s not 100% mirrored due to the hand painted nature, as the eye whites are clearer. Before I made these eyes, Taiga version II looked like this.

Thanks for looking :3~!

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30 Responses to Sewing Sneak Peek

  1. Laura says:

    muy sexy! hee hee. My mom collects the first type of doll and she has been wanting clothes for her. Will you be updating your site soon?

    • chun says:

      haha! Thank you :D How many does she have now? If I did not wrong she had/has a Yukino? I’m trying to make more items before I update :)

  2. Smithy says:

    Some cute outfits as always! The long sleeve version of the peasant top is nice but wonder if it might not look even nicer if the sleeve edges were smooth instead of elastic like now, it can make the look slightly puffy else.

    Aki is ♥ What bust is that btw, it looks larger than M

    • chun says:

      I have a different pattern for the top which has a long sleeves straight rather than puffy style, looks okay I think, but it’s troublesome to wear as the hands have to be removed lol with an elastic cuff it’s easier to put on without worrying about the hands in general ^^ Yup Aki is on L bust body at the moment XD

  3. kuraikawai says:

    Kawaii girls! I like the fabric you used for the skirts and matches the tops very well xD They both looks very good toghether, Aki the good and happy girl, and Airi the tsundere one :p hehehe

  4. Archangeli says:

    I like the blue peasant top. The mini argyle print is super cute too!

    And yay – I love seeing more pictures of Taiga!! ♥

    It was such a gorgeous day in Vancouver today – I was sad to leave the sunshine :(

    • chun says:

      hehe Thanks for the feedback! :D You’ll see Taiga soon, hopefully no change in your schedule ^^; And guess you were in town today! :) I have horrible allergies today o_o; I’m still itchy after taking the allergy medication >_<;

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