17 May 2011: Item reached winner today, positive feedback received thank you so much!

9 May 2011: Item shipped today :D positive feedback left, and also e-mailed the winner.

8 May 2011: Payment received from speedy winner, communicated regarding shipping, items have been packed, should be shipping tomorrow :) also the amount has been donated ^^/

7 May 2011: Auction ended, thank you all so much on behalf of the charity the percentage of the auction is going to! Will be packing the items soon, have e-mailed the buyer to check on some details regarding shipping :)

Summer is coming! Let’s do Bikini Battle! :P
20% of the proceeds from this set of doll clothing will go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund via globalgiving.

2 bikini sets, 1 pants, 1 cardigan, 1 top, 1 skirt ^o^ Fighto Japan! :3

Item number is: 190529315498
Auction includes: (Please note, bikini top and bottom set I count it as one item)
1) Light grey jeans in light weight denim, white top stitching, close in front with clear snaps, working side and back pockets, ribbon tag with a heart on left back pocket, and decorative puppy52 tag. (DDII body only)
2) Lace wrap cardigan, include a lace trim ribbon to be tie to the front or back, need to remove Dollfie Dream hands to put over the sleeves, avoid direct contact with velcro to prevent snagging. (can fit Dynamite body)3) Flutter sleeve peasant top with blue/green stars printed white cotton, fastens at the back with doll velcro and hook and loop. (can fit Dynamite body) 

4) Tube bikini top and basic style bikini bottom in brown camouflage print knit, bottom can be worn as a panty, please note this set is very tight, the bottom can only fit DDII body, the top can fit M-bust, L-bust will show alot more skin, and most likely will not fit DDdy bust.
5) Triangle bikini top, string bikini bottom, brown camouflage print knit and brown cotton for straps, top will only fit L-bust and DDdy bust. Bottom, only DDII.
6) Brown mini skirt with ruffle trim, fasten at the back with doll velcro.

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12 Responses to Puppy Love Bikini Battle – Dollfie Dream M/L-bust

  1. kiralovesdogs says:

    your work is so amazing chun. it inspires me. nice work.

  2. Sibila says:


    I really love the clothes that you do for your “dollfie dreams”!
    I try to do some pants and t-shirts for my BJD but it’s really hard!

    How do you end the seams? with overlock or zig zag seam?
    I don’t have overlock, and my zig zag seams don’t look very well…
    But I try again until look perfect! or almost pretty good…

    Your clothes are a inspiration for me, and I hope you still making a few more!


    • chun says:

      Thanks, I use zig zag, I don’t have an overlock at the moment, hopefully in future perhaps. And yup trial and error until you get the look you want ^^/!
      thank you :) Sorry I had been busy, haven’t been able to respond ^^;/

  3. Ausra says:

    Amazig job Chun!^o^

  4. The-O says:

    Wow gorgeous!

    Looks at the current auction price and remaining time.


    4 days left!


    It’s my new goal in life to own at least one article of Dollfie clothing made by you. :p

    • chun says:

      thank you! I’ll try my best to make that happen lol it takes a while cos I’m only one person sorry about that ^^;

  5. Smithy says:

    Nice, that set looks fab!
    Would like to try and bid but the auction price is already getting quite.. stellar! XD

    Might you create more of them in the future?

    • chun says:

      I’m trying to rotate making items, so maybe in future, just not sure when ^^; Also have a blythe con coming up I’m taking part in coming up…. that one’s a priority lol

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