Mirin’s photoshoot

I had been taking pictures of my Taiga custom MDD a lot and neglected my bigger girls a bit now, so when I had a chance to go out to a few places with husband, I grabbed Mirin chan to come along ^o^!

Just look at that view ^^; photos don’t do justice! Thanks to a friend we had a chance to check out the view of the tallest place in Vancouver ^^; My husband will probably blog about it later on when he get the photos sorted out :D

It was a slightly hazy day but nonetheless the view was just breathtakingly amazing!

It was also very windy (as you can see from Mirin’s hair flying around) so I didn’t take too many photos of her and the view. I was kinda afraid that her glasses will fly off too :P

Back to ground level – Mirin was wearing a pair of shoes with magnet in them and that helped a lot when we were on some metal steps and surfaces :D

There weren’t too many people around us but we did get some curious looks from a security guard or 2 :P

Lovely outdoor settings to take dollfie photos of :D

I had an idea of what Mirin reall should be wearing actually, but that will have to wait until I have a bit more time ^^;

Thankfully it wasn’t too windy where we were, so Mirin had no problem standing as I take photos, but I must confess, she did fall over a few times elsewhere :P

Went to an office for a bit, not many people work on sundays so it was quite quiet, someone even brought his adorable pet pooch to work, it’s name was Char Siew ^o^ (so cute!) Mirin being the Megane beauty at work…

Doing some work…

Dollfie receptionist

Out and about again!

At City of Richmond building

Dreamy Mirin chan~

Sweet patient girl

She was probably rather tired after running around with us all day ^^;

Taking advantage of an office setting :P

Distracted by wild bunnies ^^;

Thanks for looking! :D I also put a few other pix on figure.fm ^^/

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  1. myra
    myra says:

    How lovely! The view from Vancouver is wonderful~~~ I just moved out west to Nanaimo from Toronto and I can’t wait to explore the mainland when I get a chance on the weekends! I’m surprised at how many bunnies there are everywhere LOL

    Also the picture of you holding Mirin gave me an idea as to how big she is… WOW! Far bigger than a Blythe XD

    • chun
      chun says:

      It’s quite amazing really to see the view not thru a window o_o! And Wow I hope you’re enjoying Toronto so far? :) I think people illegally release the bunnies into the park which is why there’s so many of them, especially in spring! And Mirin is lighter than she looks! XD

    • chun
      chun says:

      Ideally I should have made her new clothes each time I take her out ^^; but I’m kinda busy at the moment and cannot leave all my sewing stuff out lol!

  2. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    so pretty! the blue pictures really brought out her eyes and the rooftop pics looked like an advertisement! I like the eyeglasses they are delicate and suit her style ^^

  3. Kishiko
    Kishiko says:

    Hi, could I ask you for some advice reg. the dolls? I’d be grateful if you sent a message to the email provided (you should see it in your wordpress comments section) and I’ll reply. Thanks.

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