Mirin’s photoshoot

I had been taking pictures of my Taiga custom MDD a lot and neglected my bigger girls a bit now, so when I had a chance to go out to a few places with husband, I grabbed Mirin chan to come along ^o^!

Just look at that view ^^; photos don’t do justice! Thanks to a friend we had a chance to check out the view of the tallest place in Vancouver ^^; My husband will probably blog about it later on when he get the photos sorted out :D

It was a slightly hazy day but nonetheless the view was just breathtakingly amazing!

It was also very windy (as you can see from Mirin’s hair flying around) so I didn’t take too many photos of her and the view. I was kinda afraid that her glasses will fly off too :P

Back to ground level – Mirin was wearing a pair of shoes with magnet in them and that helped a lot when we were on some metal steps and surfaces :D

There weren’t too many people around us but we did get some curious looks from a security guard or 2 :P

Lovely outdoor settings to take dollfie photos of :D

I had an idea of what Mirin reall should be wearing actually, but that will have to wait until I have a bit more time ^^;

Thankfully it wasn’t too windy where we were, so Mirin had no problem standing as I take photos, but I must confess, she did fall over a few times elsewhere :P

Went to an office for a bit, not many people work on sundays so it was quite quiet, someone even brought his adorable pet pooch to work, it’s name was Char Siew ^o^ (so cute!) Mirin being the Megane beauty at work…

Doing some work…

Dollfie receptionist

Out and about again!

At City of Richmond building

Dreamy Mirin chan~

Sweet patient girl

She was probably rather tired after running around with us all day ^^;

Taking advantage of an office setting :P

Distracted by wild bunnies ^^;

Thanks for looking! :D I also put a few other pix on figure.fm ^^/

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Terrific photoshoot chun! Mirin looks lovely in that office lady outfit, and sekushii… ^^
    Like all the different location and photos you took with her.

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