Took Mirai Yukino chan out for an impromptu photoshoot on Sunday when my friend bluestarbaby kindly offered to take me along when my husband was having a hair cut lol!

Really glad we went despite the cooooooooold, the sky was so pretty it’s will be a waste if I did not go ^^;

Compared to other parts of Vancouver, Richmond seems to get a lot less snow, so the ground/grass is still snowing despite having been covered over night by snow.

Any snow which settled on the branches have mostly melted off from the sun, despite the temperature being rather low I believe it was around -2 to -4?

Forgot to dig out mittens for Mirai to wear :P so most of the photos with her hands are cropped lol!

I hope the jacket is keeping her warm :) Mirai is wearing the jacket featured with Himitsu last year :D

Bluestarbaby brought her Neris, Ayu chan :3 We passed by these huge blocks of ice outside a skating rink (?) and of course it’s a photo opportunity not to be missed LOL

Brrrrrrrrrrr it was cold!

Walked a bit into the park, didn’t walk too far tho, the paths were icy and it won’t be fun to slip and fall with doll and camera ^^;

Having a friend to help reflect light with a folding reflector is great!

We were lucky it wasn’t a windy day, it would had been even colder, and harder to take photos without worrying about the dolls face planting into mud/ice ^^;

Ayu chan is brave :P

Cute to have them side by side :3

Thanks again bluestarbaby for taking me along after our Japanese class ^o^!


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11 Responses to Mirai in the Snow

  1. hesedetang says:

    I like her coat!! <3

  2. Peter Leong says:

    Your Yukino looks toasty warm. Cute ear muffs. :D

  3. Smithy says:

    Lovely photos, especially the ones with the back-lit sky and reflector are superb! ^^

  4. Miette-chan says:

    Man, I feel so cold just from looking at the pictures. Those ear muffs look so nice though, look so warm. That picture with them holding hands is so cute.

    • chun says:

      It was definitely cold! Tho it feels like I have experienced colder times before XD We were trying to get them to hug but they refused to stand still lol!

  5. snowfern says:

    wow. i’ve never seen snow IRL before, that looks….painfully cold :O but the shots are so beautiful na~

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