Mini Dollfie Dream clothes

Dug up some pattern books to make clothes as a birthday present for a friend’s Unoa. ^o^ Remembered that some clothes I made for Narae body, Taiga’s mini dollfie dream body can actually wear it, so I thought I should let Taiga try it out and take some quick photos before I wrap it up. ^^

Was glad that I did, as I realise that the clothes I picked the patterns out to make actually fit the Mini Dollfie Dream body quite well ^o^

Taiga was a bit annoyed that she wasn’t allowed to keep these ^^; I hope these will fit my friend’s Unoa (with L- bust) ^^;, in the pattern book it was meant for the bustier Unoas ^^;

Yup, working side and back pockets ^^

The collar, cuff and bottom of the top have elastic ^^ and the back is fasten with hook and loop.

In case anyone is interested, the patterns I used for the top, skirt and bubble dress was from Dolly dolly coordinates volume 6.

The pattern for the bubble dress below is for Tiny fairy, since it’s quite loose fitted, with elastic parts and the strap is adjustable, I decided to make it to be included with the present ^^ Taiga models it for fitting :P

Kawaii? :D It has a light summery feeling ^o^

Currently very interested about Volk’s new 50cm Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) body coming soon, wonder if it will fit Taiga? Or is it gonna go to Himitsu when I can afford it? ^^;

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  1. Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass
    Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass says:

    If the new DDS body is as good as it sounds, with a full internal skeleton, Namiko Yamamoto is going to go through “puberty” as soon as it a.) gets available, and b.) I can afford to swing it. Srsly: I’m starting to get very annoyed at the MDD body and the semi-skeleton. Originally I was going to turn Namiko into a Volbitsu with a 50cm Obitsu body but if the DDS is up to snuff it will mean I can give her a better body and not have to mod her head to fit the Obitsu head connector. Also the Obitsu “white skin” and the Volks “normal skin” bodies are not quite a vinyl match…the Volks vinyl is about half a shade darker. Oh yeah: Volks “white skin” vinyl is way paler than Obitsu “white skin.”

  2. PrettyCranium
    PrettyCranium says:

    Looks awesome as usual! Who did the face up for Taiga, it looks just like her! Are the eyes painted-on or glass?

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