Success! :) this photoshoot for Taiga was done in about 10 minutes? haha!

It was grey and cloudy earlier, when I saw some light and sky I quickly dress Taiga in her clean clothes for some photos :D

On a separate day Aki got a quick shooting session too ^^

It was very hard to balance Taiga on new modified footwear… I wish the ankle of Mini Dollfie Dream bodies are not so weak ^^;

What made it a bit harder was that there was random gusts of wind as I take these photos, make me very worried about Taiga being blown off her feet ^^; also her wig was being a bit crazy :P

But you know, the trees in bloom usually do not last very long, since the weather will be usually either very rainy or windy, which will destroy the delicate fluffy blooms quickly… So when I see a chance, I have to grab it!

This is the same spot I took photo of Mirin in school uniform type outfit :3 but this time, the lighting is different so the effect feels different as well.

Also I didn’t know how to control the amount of bokeh too haha

Hard to take photos of Taiga in her new footwear, since she can’t just stand on it without leaning or something, even when I put her on a stand, the feet kept going crazy ^^;

This pair of Geta was modified from a pair I bought from Daiso :D They are different from the ones I made for the regular Dollfie Dream girls. I did not need to cut between toes for this pair, due to the elastic string I used. I did have to drill a hole closer to the side for a more natural look.

Have to lean Taiga against the wall to take any decent photos ^^;

Taiga <3

Omake: photoshop edited Taiga to smile :)

ETA: Aki’s shots, wish I had the time to make a different yukata, but I been a bit busy ^^; Below are the last few shots I took before she did a dive ^^;;;; her yukata/wig is washed and hanging to dry now :P

But look at the awesome backdrop, it’s worth it no?

My favorite shot for Aki is possibly this one ^^ the sleeves were moving in the breeze ^^;

Different white balance, turned out more blue than expected ^^; had to adjust a bit, but wanted to show the blue and hint of other colours other than pink :)

Thanks for looking :)

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25 Responses to Hanami

  1. Buh! I missed this one?? How? Why? Err… Anyway, I noticed Taiga is standing strong with the geta in this one :D

    • chun says:

      lol you probably busy too ^^;;; and Oh trust me, I almost tore my hair out trying to make her feet pose properly >_<;;; and also why not much other pix :P even when on the stand her feet were being stupid, so no pix of her full body >_<;

  2. Miette-chan says:

    These photos are nice, I can picture Taiga being all tsundere too. “It’s not like I’m posing for you!” or something silly along those lines.

  3. Hololo says:

    10 mins XD, u must be waiting for this moment XD, good timing XD

    • chun says:

      Ah so sorry only reply now, I was very busy last week I think not at computer much XD And yah I was waiting, and I had to be quick lol

  4. radiant says:

    waoh! very nice! lovely photos! I wanted to go outside to take pics of the sakura blossoms too, but was stuck indoors. Hopefully they won’t have fallen by the time I’m able to go outside, and the weather will be nice… who am I kidding. It’s Vancouver.

    • chun says:

      Thanks! and hope you feel better soonest! There’s at least a different type of blossom which usually open nearer to end of April, so hopefully you catch that ^^

  5. Smithy says:

    Lovely photos. Like those geta with the elastic string, seems more convenient.

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